Tago Stela

1095 Ike, Yoshii-machi, Takasaki City, Gumma Prefecture, Japan

National designation as a Historic Site
March 3, 1921

Nationally designated as a Special Historic Site (equivalent to National Treasure)
March 20, 1954


The Tago Stela was erected in 711 by Yo, who was the first Tago County Magistrate, in order to commemorate the establishment of Tago County.

The content of the inscription confirms an article in the Shoku-Nihongi, an official history of Japan, that Tago County had been established.

The name Yo suggests that he was an immigrant from abroad. Indeed, Tago County was an craft-production center where immigrants settled and introduced advanced technologies from the Korean peninsula.

The content of the stela vividly illustrates how the central government of Japan tried to gain control over this local industrial center by re-organizing regional boundaries.

Current condition of the stela

(Cap); 95 centimeters in width, 90 centimeters in depth, 27 centimeters in thickness at the center, 15 to 17
centimeters at the two ends;
(Body) 129 centimeters in height, 69 centimeters in width, 62 centimeter in thickness

Raw material: granite-like sandstone

Inscriptions: 80 characters in six lines



The Three Stelae of Kōzuke

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