Kanaizawa Stela

2334 Kanaizawa, Yamana-machi, Takasaki City, Gumma Prefecture, Japan

National designation as a Historic Site
March 3, 1921

Nationally designated as a Special Historic Site (equivalent to National Treasure)
March 20, 1954


The Kanaizawa Stela was erected in 726 by the Miyake Family in honor of their family and in the memory of their ancestors.

The inscription lists the names of nine members of the Miyake Family and their relatives, four of whom are women.

The content of the inscription indicates how this locally influential family and its relatives strengthened their ties through marriage and the propagation of Buddhism.

It is very noteworthy that women at that time played a major role in family management and rituals.

The inscription also suggests how Buddhism spread and how the central government’s administration was maintained in such local regions of eastern Japan.

Current condition of the stela

Dimensions: 110 centimeters in height, 70 centimeters in width, 65 centimeter in thickness

Raw material: andesite

Inscription: 112 characters in nine lines



The Three Stelae of Kōzuke

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